Jereh Tractor Parts Corporation
  • Specialist for Komatsu and Caterpillar replacement parts for more than 15 years

    Founded in 1999 to serve the construction filed with quality replacement parts of Komatsu and Caterpillar, Jereh Tractor Parts Corporation is a subsidiary of Jereh Group, which is one of China’s most up-and-coming companies according to Forbes and China’s Best Public Enterprise.

  • Engine parts Manufacturer

    Dedicated to provide the heavy duty engine users with the components for the latest engine style, Jereh Tractor Parts Corporation have set up the production base with the core mission to produce quality engine parts for heavy duty engine users of newer models. Currently we mainly focus on the production of cylinder head and cylinder block.

  • One stop supplier

    With more than 10000 part number in our product line, Jereh can supply the customer with various replacement parts for Komatsu and Caterpillar. In addition, Jereh offers in-house manufactured engine parts such as cylinder block, cylinder head, valve train parts and other engine components.

  • New product development

    Each year Jereh will gather the information on the product needed by the market with newer application. With super designing ability, we develop those products with great efficiency and quality. In this way, Jereh becomes the market leader, not a follower.

  • Credible alternatives to OEM

    All Jereh in- house manufactured engine parts are developed according to OEM specification with top material. It satisfies the need of aftermarket customer to get reliable engine parts at much lower cost. With proven performance, we offer cost effective solution to the engine customer to reduce their cost without compromising on quality.


    Jereh have a team of friendly and professional people to respond to customer inquiry or request with expertise and efficiency. They understand that when customers come to us, they need not only the product, but also the professional service to help them to make best decision. We take care the customers and make sure they have pleasant experience through the entire purchase. That is why they come back to us and become our loyal customer after working with us.

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